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If you experience any problems, please email us. We would also encourage members to write in with letters and comments on issues directly to the website. Don't be afraid to speak your mind. It's high time that those that need to hear us finally listen and that is the main reason for the existence of this website. Besides the fact some dufus is trying to build 5-story buildings in our backyards! We will be creating a new section dedicated to member editorials.

And lastly, if anyone who would like to help out with the site, please drop us a line. We can definitely use the help.

Kind Regards,

The Webmaster,

Who started TewksburyIssues?
TewksburyIssues was originally created because some dufus wanted to build 6 5-story buildings right in our backyards. This builder wanted to bring in 600 more people into a neighborhood of 45 people, and had the gaul to say that this ridiculous development would "fit-in" all under the guise of affordable housing. It's amazing the power the state gives to developers.

But now this web site has grown to become an online community gathering place to exchange ideas, give kudos, complain, rant and rave, and get on your soapbox about whatever you want to that has to do with your town.

Who created and maintains this website?
The TewksburyIssues website was originally created by a private citizen of Tewksbury but is now maintained by an entire citizen group. All issues or problems related to this site should be directed to

Who pays for this site?
All expenses including web hosting, the domain registration fees, and CGI scripts have all been paid for by a private citizen.

Are there any rules for using
Yes. Be polite and courteous to other users of this site. This site has views from opponents and proponents of certain issues. Everyone is allowed to to express their opinions and concerns here. You should not make personal attacks towards other people on this site. If you do, the messages will be removed and you will be banned from using the web site. Ok, I'm done preaching :)

Can I get a link to my personal homepage from
Soon. I am working on a script that will handle this in an automated and self administered fashion.

How can I help out with
Providing us with relevant topics for Articles and topics for our Polls would be helpful. We also from time to time need moderators for our message boards. We always welcome suggestions. One of the biggest ways you can help us is to spread the word about this site!

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