Developers Propose Changes To Hilton Hotel

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Developers Propose Changes To Hilton Hotel

Postby bferrari on Thu Mar 02, 2017 12:20 pm

More hotels and more five story buildings coming to town unless you open your mouth and fight them: ... l-proposal

Developers Present Planning Board With Changes To Hilton Hotel Proposal

The plans to construct a 5-story Hilton Garden Inn across from the Raytheon in north Tewksbury went through yet another gauntlet of feedback from town officials and residents who were concerned about the changes in traffic, crime and aesthetics that the new building would bring to the neighborhood.

Several dozen north Tewksbury residents filled the Planning Board meeting room Monday, many looking to see whether developers made the changes requested at the Jan. 23 meeting as well as express any other potential problems with the proposal that have come up since.

Read more: ... l-proposal
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Re: Developers Propose Changes To Hilton Hotel

Postby swamper on Thu Mar 02, 2017 7:22 pm

What residents are taking the most issue with is the HEIGHT and SIZE of the building as well as its aesthetics (the rendering looks like it belongs in Las Vegas not adhering to the Village overlay district criteria per the zoning) in addition to NO access unto North St. It's really not that hard for the proponents to do! Our bylaws stipulate 3 stories...just keep it to that. There is NO reason for our Planning Board to grant a waiver for 5 or even 4 stories towering well over an existing residential neighborhood! If you look at that parcel there REALLY isn't that much room given the grid power lines in the back....the proposed building is just TOO BIG for the site as depicted....plain and simple. There should be NO exit to North St. even a 'right turn only' one so close to the outlets of Raytheon and International Way....that 'intersection' is already a nightmare....keep ALL hotel traffic on International Way and back to the interstate. Lastly, we are concerned about the restaurant and bar onsite as well as an 100 seat function room. Supposedly limited to business guests and their 'invitees' who is going to 'police' that to prevent others off the street to come in for the restaurant and/or bar? That area is already notorious for police calls, and illegal activities given its proximity to the highway. .. do we need to add more burden to our police dept? Proponent claimed 'their name and Hilton image' wasn't associated with that type of criminal element draw which is ridiculous....a parking lot is a parking lot, drug dealers don't discriminate! Lastly, 'Hilton Garden' hotels by definition are geared toward FUNCTIONS which is how they make their money so how is this one claiming it won't happen other than from their own guests. Frankly I think that's a crock..... and if there WAS a capacity function held, there would NOT be enough parking onsite. HIGHLY suspicious of this whole project....seems to me there can be no guarantees and the town could be left holding the bag with more infrastructure costs, police calls for issues and overtime to direct traffic, etc. with it all eating away at any substantial revenue it 'may' bring in. Not to mention it is not NEW revenue, only 'shifted' revenue taking away from one of the existing FIVE hotels already within a half mile from that site.....there is just NO great NEED for another one. I feel badly for the poor residents in the historical home that will live straight across from this behemoth if approved.
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Re: Developers Propose Changes To Hilton Hotel

Postby CryFowler on Thu Mar 09, 2017 9:43 am

What? Planning Board member and former fire chief Bob Fowler is "fine" with it all? There isn't a development that Bob Fowler doesn't like. Olde Bob "rubber stamp" Fowler.

Seeing how he approved the Emerald Court town houses than shortly bought one of the first ones. Yeah, Olde rubber stamp himself.
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