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aciddents 533main

Postby evrstsuinusn on Sun Feb 18, 2007 12:00 pm

has anyone seen car crashes at the exit
from the skybox resturant saw one the other
day anyone invovled in one of these accidents should know that this is not a legal entrance to this mall when this
propery was built that exit was put there
to help with the constrution of the mall
there was an order by mass highway
to close this driveway when mall was completed everest partners llc knows it
should not be there the town of tewksbury
knows it should not be there i know i gave
them a copy from mass highways saying it was
to be closed so if your involved in an accident coming or going from that exit you
contact a good attorney and have him
ask the town the company that owns the property and mass highways what the deal is on this exit the town has a copy of the order to close that exit
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