School Committee Meeting - FY11 Budget - 01/21/2010

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School Committee Meeting - FY11 Budget - 01/21/2010

Postby mkelley on Fri Jan 22, 2010 11:00 pm

Good evening,

The School Administration presented their proposed FY11 budget to the School Committee last night. I took time to scan in my entire budget book so anyone interested will have an opportunity to review the same information that is presented to the SC, FinCom and Town Manager.

We have asked the administration to present their budget again so the general public has an opportunity to provide input, this will happen at an upcoming SC meeting. We also plan to discuss the budget at our "Budget Advisory Committee" meetings, please feel free to attend either if you are curious or wish to help us work through what is sure to be a very difficult budget season!

The files are numbered and named as they were presented in our package:

Presentation --- ... tation.pdf
Budget Notes ---
Salaries ---
Administration Salaries --- ... laries.pdf
Salary by School --- ... school.pdf
New Personnel --- ... sonnel.pdf
Operating ---
Capital Outlay --- ... outlay.pdf
Revenues ---
SPED LEA Budget --- ... budget.pdf

I will continue to update this information as the budget evolves...


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