Chandler Street Sidewalk

Summary versions of the meeting minutes from the Tewksbury Sidewalks Committee meetings.

Chandler Street Sidewalk

Postby Farscape on Thu Feb 25, 2010 5:05 pm

I'm hoping now that we have a new town manager in place that we can get the ball rolling on repairing some of the sidewalks in town. The sidewalk on Chandler Street has been in great disrepair since I moved to Tewksbury in 1997. Every year it only gets worse and all of the sewer construction on Chandler Street last summer only made it worse. I have had to walk my dog while pushing a stroller in the street instead of on the safety of a sidewalk for years now. Even the high school track teams have to run in the street instead of on a sidewalk. And as anyone who lives off of Chandler Street knows no one goes the actual speed limit of 30mph on this road. It's down right dangerous.
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