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( – The Obama administration has started its push to expand low-income housing into “higher opportunity areas.”
The Department of Housing and Urban Development last week announced a “landmark” settlement agreement with Baltimore County that will serve as a catalyst to “promote housing mobility” and “address residential segregation.”
The goal is to move low- and very-low-income people out of the city and into the suburbs.
“Every person deserves a fair shot at opportunity, and that starts with a decent, safe, and affordable place to call home,” HUD Secretary Julián Castro said in the March 15 announcement. “This agreement sets Baltimore County on a path to stronger, more inclusive communities where everyone can enjoy equal access to opportunity.”
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The agreement stems from a complaint filed with HUD in 2011 by the Baltimore County branch of the NAACP; a fair housing group; and three individuals who claimed Baltimore County had failed to “affirmatively further fair housing.”
To settle that complaint, HUD is requiring Baltimore County to spend $30 million ($3 million annually for ten years) to create 1,000 affordable housing units, either through new construction or rehabilitation.
The units will be geographically dispersed in “neighborhoods that provide access to opportunity.” The 46-page settlement includes a chart (Exhibit F) listing the 116 relatively affluent census tracts surrounding Baltimore City where most of the 1,000 housing units must be located.
At least 500 of the units must have three or more bedrooms to accommodate families with children; and at least one-third of the units must be accessible and made available to people with disabilities.
The housing units must be completed over a period of 12 years.
In addition, the county must provide 2,000 Housing Choice Vouchers to help families gain access to “higher opportunity neighborhoods.”
The county must “proactively market the units to potential tenants who are least likely to apply, including African Americans families and families with a member who has a disability.”
The county must, within 180 days, introduce (and keep trying to pass) legislation that prohibits housing discrimination based on a person’s lawful source of income. This means a landlord can’t refuse someone housing if he or she plans to pay the rent with Social Security or other public assistance instead of a paycheck (job!).
And finally, under the settlement agreement, the county must pay $150,000 to the three individuals who complained to HUD in 2011.
In June 2015, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled 5-4 that federal housing law allows people to challenge zoning laws and other housing practices that have a “disparate” or harmful impact on minority groups, even if there is no proof that the discrimination was intentional.
And two weeks after that Supreme Court ruling, HUD issued a regulation intended to help poor people move into “communities that are rich with opportunity,” as HUD Secretary Castro phrased it at the time.

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Saw this comment from the comments section... great example of how bad this law is:

WIltonguy45 • 2 days ago
This is not a new scam, this social engineering crap has been going on for decades and it has failed every step of the way. If you want to see what IS going to happen to your neighborhood I urge you to rent the excellent documentary "Spanish Lake" it is available on Amazon Prime. This heartbreaking film shows what happened when this same exact plan was implemented against the residents of Spanish Lake MO. This once robust middle class bedroom community (which had no social services or public transportation) was picked by political hacks at all levels to be the dumping ground for the poorest of poor from inner city St Louis.

The government began buying up every piece of available land in Spanish Lake and gave it to their fat cat developer friends who built mass numbers of section 8 apartments. Within ten years, the town was destroyed. The school population quadrupled and the schools failed, residents fled the town which had become a hot bed of murders, gang violence and drugs overnight. Once luxury townhomes and apartments became so dangerous police would not even respond to them. I'm going to vote Republican for the first time in my life so that Cruz or Trump will stop this and eliminate HUD once and for all. You also can see the results of this policy by googling "Tymber Skan Condos Orlando Florida" then click on images and scroll through them.

This was the premier water front development in Orlando in the early 1970's but by the early 1990's some of the owners started renting to section 8 and you can see the results for yourself. It is unbelievable. Make sure you watch your local news and pay close attention to your local planning and zoning board meetings so you will know if they target your area. They will go for the areas of least resistance so make your voice heard and vote against ANYONE who supports this government take over of your town. Don't be the next Spanish Lake
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Postby jtciampa on Fri Apr 01, 2016 6:32 am

"To settle that complaint, HUD is requiring Baltimore County to spend $30 million ($3 million annually for ten years) to create 1,000 affordable housing units, either through new construction or rehabilitation."

So, which parts of the Baltimore budget will be cut in order to create these opportunities? Public safety? Education? Public works? I would assume that $3 million buys a lot of police, maybe keeps a fire station open, keeps a school open, or keeps the roads safe.

The math leads me to believe that the quality of services for the entire community will be decreased in an effort to create more opportunities for a small segment of the population.
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Postby Baxter on Sun Apr 03, 2016 5:00 pm

Fundamentally transforming the United States of America into Cabrini-Green.
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