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Postby tigerchief on Tue Nov 23, 2004 11:33 am

Noticed the cape abutting Ginsburg and Martel's illegal contractors yard on East St is now vacant....

That is the second home to have gone empty since they tree stripped their lot....

Won't be long before we know the "Gateway" plans for that end of town....
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Tewksbury's Gateway

Postby dougsears on Thu Dec 09, 2004 3:41 pm

What is Smart Growth?

Smart Growth is about answering three questions: Where do we want to grow? How do we want to grow? How much do we want to grow? It is about preserving our environment, enhancing our quality of life, supporting our economic competitiveness, and distributing the benefits and burdens of development more fairly. The members of the Massachusetts Smart Growth Alliance share a common vision of Massachusetts: healthy, diverse and prosperous communities; working landscapes and critical environmental resources protected from development; urban reinvestment and community development; transportation and housing choice and affordability; and regional equity and opportunity.


Why and Why Now

Massachusetts's population has been growing very slowly, but we are consuming land seven times faster than our population growth rate. Sprawl is overwhelming our traditional Massachusetts landscape of historic cities, lively, compact villages, and bucolic towns. Low density, haphazard development of houses, office buildings, and stores has dire consequences: dwindling water supplies, urban disinvestment, loss of open space and biodiversity, lack of housing choice and affordability, hours wasted in traffic, loss of economic competitiveness with declining quality of life. Experience from around the country has shown that state leadership is critical to taming sprawl. Our state's approach to development and land use has devolved into a collection of isolated programs, incentives and disincentives that often work at cross-purposes. The Romney Administration's explicit commitment to a Smart Growth agenda, along with growing support for Smart Growth reforms in the legislature and in local communities, offers an unprecedented opportunity to make significant achievements in advancing Smart Growth policies and approaches.


Our Smart Growth Principles

Protect and preserve environmental resources, open space, working landscapes and unique natural environments, and reduce air and water pollution.
Promote diverse housing types in all communities to enable households from a wide range of economic levels, cultures and age groups to live and work within their boundaries.
Foster economic and social equity and provide choice and opportunity for all Massachusetts residents.
Reinforce our tradition of compact, walkable cities, towns and villages by encouraging lively, mixed-use development near existing infrastructure and promoting efficient land use that minimizes sprawl.
Invest in transportation choices, including high quality public transit services, which provide alternatives to automobile use.
Encourage fiscal policies that allow all communities within a region to share in the benefits and responsibilities of growth.
Promote local, regional and state planning and investment to promote smart growth.
Promote sustainable, shared prosperity through economic investment and development policies that provide jobs and opportunity, strengthen communities, and streamline development processes that avoid sprawl.
Encourage development that conserves resources, minimizes waste, utilizes good design, promotes health and enhances the community in which it is located.

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