Are your kids waiting on Main Street?

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Are your kids waiting on Main Street?

Postby Swimming-In-Tewksbury on Sun Apr 21, 2002 11:27 pm

Mine are and I'm not happy about it! I have tried and tried to no avail to have the school department and/or Dave Libby move a main street bus stop to a smaller road, connecting two others. We have asked that an extra 320 feet be added to the bus route. We've been given every excuse in the book. The ones that concern me most are setting precedence and lack of money in the budget. My primary concern is that these children are elementary aged youngsters (5-8). We are going to have to take this to further measures. Even if your children are older, think of when they were in K-3...would you trust them with the traffic on Main Street?

More routes are going to be combined for next year. Don't wait till August to start calling once the routes are published.

If you currently have children waiting on Main Street for the school bus, or anticipate you may next year due to routing changes, please email me at: Together, we can make a difference and hopefully keep the budget from loosing more money in the future, should a child be injured or mamed. Obviously, we don't learn from past experiences.....
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