Shame on Drivers!

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Shame on Drivers!

Postby Kid@heart on Thu Sep 18, 2003 1:15 am

As long as the Town leaves bus stops with lots of kids on Main Street, commuters and other drivers are going to have to learn to have PATIENCE! We don't want our kids 'holding' up traffic anymore than you do.

Next time you lean on your horn because your waiting behind the bus and then curse at the parents standing by, think of this...
ROAD RAGE IS ILLEGAL! By leaning on the horn, you could make a driver nervous and cause another bus accident. Do you want the responsibility of 40-60 INNOCENT children's lives on your hands? The bus driver does and you’re not making his/her job any easier. Beeping a horn can agitate a driver. Add that to 40-60 children on a bus and it's not a good mix.

Use your energy more wisely. Perhaps you can be part of a solution and not an addition to an all ready existing problem. Pick up your cell phone and call and complain about the stop or share your ideas with those responsible for that bus holding up traffic. I'll have my phone in hand next time your behind the bus, yelling out obscenities when while other young ears are listening
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Shame on Drivers!

Postby duffyhouse on Thu Sep 18, 2003 10:19 am

Well said, Kid@heart!

I too experienced this type of "impatience" at our bus stop at the corner of Catamount and North St. last school year. One Catamount resident thought nothing of tossing out obscenities out their open window for all to hear, including the kids, because they had to wait an extra 30 seconds while we quickly herded our kids to the cars. After about the 3rd time, I finally called the Police Dept. and reported this person. This year the same "neighbor" no longer shouts obscenties, we now just get a nasty look from behind a closed window.

I agree, if anyone experiences this type of abuse, just get their license plate number and report them.
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Shame on Drivers!

Postby rnmom9496 on Mon Oct 27, 2003 5:41 am

The icon is meant for the drivers. Honestly if I'm driving during bus hours I either leave early or later to avoid them. These people need to smarten up and realize the keds are in school and LEAVE 5 MINUTES EARLIER OR SHUT UP!!!! Whew I feel better now. Thanks
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