you all are rihgt

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you all are rihgt

Postby hello978 on Sun Jan 15, 2006 10:55 pm

yes my daughter is on that bus she has come home devistated many times because of him she says that the bus monitor has gotten better though so i guess that is a good thing right well she is a honor student who doesnt lie but Mr. donohue seems to take the bus driver over any body people say he is a reall jackass and i don't like him at all he is a very inconsiderate man and real arigant i on the other hand would like to take his job considering Mr.Ware does more work than Mr.Mcguire and Mr.Donohue together am i right or am i right ladies and gentle men


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you all are rihgt

Postby BIGCOUNTRY on Mon Jan 16, 2006 7:44 am

110 % correct. Mr Ware does an outstanding job with the issues when he is brought into them.Sometimes they bring him in after the damage control has failed and he more often than not can correct a bad situation or at least make it work out to some sort of happy medium.As for the bus drivers there is more than one that could use an attitude adjustment like the little man with the little mustache who likes to yell at parents in front of the children he is a real man!
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