Discussions of what any "conflicts of interest" in town. Business owners involved in town politics and not disclosing facts such as this, etc.


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Paul Sullivan's wife is the head of this agency--FROM THE HERALD

Bottoms up at ABCC

Tales from the hackerama, Part I:

There's a hack holocaust under way at the state Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission.

Last week, the Romney administration fired 11 of the agency's 14 investigators, including the son of state Rep. John Binienda (D-Worcester) and the brother of Rep. Paul Kujawski (D-Webster).

Also, Suzanne Iannella, a commissioner and sister of both Governor's Councilor Chris Iannella Jr. and Suffolk County Register of Probate Richard Iannella, had her salary slashed by $6,000 - back to the $41,000 she was making before receiving a last-minute raise from outgoing acting Gov. Jane M. Swift.

Unaffected at the ABCC was the sister of Governor's Councilor Michael Callahan. She makes $39,000."
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