Fire Captain Fowler on the Planning Board

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Fire Captain Fowler on the Planning Board

Postby apollo_helios on Thu Jun 21, 2001 2:10 pm

Fact: Fire Captain Fowler is on the Planning Board and is in charge of giving out overtime to fire fighters.

Rumor: That Fowler told his fire fighters that they should vote against the Growth Management By-Law at the Town meeting

Can anyone substantiate this rumor? And if it were true, does this constitute a conflict of interest? Or would it be illegal in any way?
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Fire Captain Fowler on the Planning Board

Postby Warrey65 on Wed Aug 08, 2001 4:07 am

Sean Sullivan's other remarks, "Mr. Fowler and I discussed this"

Famous last words of Sean at Conservation, "the engineers report came in after I left my office." You can approve this conditionally, or subject to the town engineers report. This meant that the Town's engineers report was never shown to the public.

Anyone think Board 1 was onto something with this post?

posted 10-04-2000 10:52 AM
Hello and i am back:
Some have asked the question.Who decides to amount of monies paid out to personal board members i.e. non-union employees. and are you ready.Take a breath,hold on to your hat. here it is Attorney Richard O'neil yes the same Mr. O'neil that opens every Planning board,Zoning Board of Appeals and Conservation Meeting he is a representitive of with thes never ending and frighting words of"Richard O'niel for the applicant and a SPECIAL TOWN EMPLOYEE. Tell me that that sounds justified. He decides on Mr. or sorry fire capt.Fowler raise and Mr. Fowler decides on hiw applications same for Mr. Sean Sullivan of the Conservation Commission and still the Best of all
The Building Department.
So don't blame the residents of the town for this onw pal blame the Selectmen who hire the town manager and the town councle who allow this matter to go unchecked.
Is it no wonder the building Dept. refuses a building permit refers or better yet directs the party to Mr. O'neils office he comes back around to the different Boards that have to come back n front of him for there raise.
If this town does anything it should get rid of this problem and still the most expensive problem in this town,(I don't mean title five either) I mean Mr. David Cressmen
Is this what you would want in your job boss paying himself and other Dept Heads a raise while the underlings of said bosses get next to nothing way to go David.
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Fire Captain Fowler on the Planning Board

Postby JJH83 on Fri Aug 10, 2001 10:11 am

I thought the captains' @ the fire department are in the union? If, so then Mr. O'Neil does not decide on the pay raise.
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Fire Captain Fowler on the Planning Board

Postby kerri on Sat Jul 05, 2003 4:04 pm

rick o'neil is not the only one that has abused the special employee status he wore...the votng selectmen to his favor..clearly should be held responsible for this abuse..cheers to kevin anderson for always rejecting o'neil. the state law which allows status to be given..says for the occassions..not three times aweek all night long abusive and crooked
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