Anti-spanking crusader wants his privacy

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Anti-spanking crusader wants his privacy

Postby mike_flynn on Thu Nov 29, 2007 11:39 am

I was going to post this under Tewksbury "Histerical" Society, but I decided that it was more sad than funny. I just love the "Do as I legislate, not as I do" attitude of this so-called representative:

By Michael Graham | Thursday, November 29, 2007 | | Op-Ed

“None of your damn business.â€￾

There it is in five, simple words - the motto of the Massachusetts liberal elites.

I first heard it yesterday, when I asked Rep. Jay Kaufman (D-Lexington) about legislation he filed banning corporal punishment. Kaufman - a “well-known voice for progressive policies and an outspoken leader,â€￾ according to his own Web site - bristled when I asked him if he spanked his own children.

“None of your damn business,â€￾ he replied angrily. He repeated. “It’s None. Of. Your. Damn. Business.â€￾

Well, Jay, if it’s none of my damn business if you spank your kids, why do you want to make it the government’s business if I spank mine?

Why? Because he’s powerful, progressive legislator Jay Kaufman, and the rest of us are just dopey, taxpaying parents whose job is to do what we’re told.

Kaufman is right, of course, that it’s none of my business if he spanks his kids. Sadly, he’s not willing to extend that right to the average citizen, lobbying instead for some vague extension of state power into our homes as we decide if Johnny needs a swat on his fanny.

But that’s the easy, obvious hypocrisy of the legislation. Far more telling, I believe, is Kaufman’s comment itself, the telling arrogance of a member of the governing class.

The loony lefties who dominate this state represent a sort of Cambridge Cabal, governing by the pre-Revolutionary notion of the “Divine Right of Kooks.â€￾ When the will of the people is heard, when the citizens dare to rise up, they are resisted. From the basements of Beacon Hill to the editorial board of the Boston Globe-Democrat, the rallying cry comes forth: None of your damn business!

Want to know why a judge freed a dangerous killer on his own recognizance, overturning an order of $100,000 bail to do so? Why she remains on the bench, and will stay there no matter how many maniacs she sets upon us?

None of your damn business.

Want to know why the state income tax still hasn’t been lowered to 5 percent, despite a direct vote of the people?

None of your damn business.

Why do we still waste millions of tax dollars each year on police details? Why are we still paying Bechtel/Parsons Brinckerhoff for botching the Big Dig? Why are state contractors still hiring illegal immigrants to take tax-funded construction jobs from citizens? Why are the tolls on roads long paid still being collected - and going up?

“Why, why, why?â€￾ we ask the Establishment Elite.

“Shut up,â€￾ they explain. It’s none of our damn business.

Defenders of this “Divine Rightsâ€￾ regime argue that if the people really cared about these issues, they could act. The citizens of the 15th Middlesex District could throw the arrogant Kaufman out on his Royalist rear.

That’s an excellent argument anywhere in America - except Massachusetts.

For years the Beacon Hill-Boston Globe-Democrat axis has waged war on the notion of the “consent of the governed.â€￾ When the people petition for the opportunity to vote on marriage, they are mocked by the media, and the governor publicly urges the Legislature to set aside the state Constitution to stop democracy in its tracks.

When the people are allowed to vote, the results are simply ignored.

What are we to do, we citizen-chumps, we taxpaying suckers who pick up the tab, obey the laws and try our best to raise our families? When is the government going to start working as hard for us as it does for the pols themselves?

Ask Kaufman. He’ll gladly answer that question, too.
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Anti-spanking crusader wants his privacy

Postby DOGTIRED on Thu Nov 29, 2007 8:30 pm

Its slowly turning into Massachusetts, the Nanny state. Who's going to enforce the stupid law if it passes?
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