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Second question

Postby tomasek1000 on Fri Aug 27, 2010 9:49 am

This one is about my signs,

Thank you to everyone who contacted me about signs. I will be busy in Tewksbury this weekend and you'll see more.

I am at the stage however where I am going door door (using a list generated from a database of voters, and picking people most likely to vote for me) "closing" people on having signs in their yard.

It's a slow process.

If any of you are still holding back, please send me your address. If you know anyone who leans in my direction and you think would be receptive, please let me know. I can use your name or not.

This is how changes happens- one yard at a time!


BTW a little dirt on the other side. Finegold signs went up all over the district over one or two days. Subsequently they have been coming down in big numbers. I am unsure why, but many people have commented on it. It may not be as pronounced in Tewskbury, but it's very apparent in Andover and Dracut.
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