Kindergarten Article on Warrant for May 2012?

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Kindergarten Article on Warrant for May 2012?

Postby its5pmsomewherenow on Mon Mar 12, 2012 10:38 am

I'm wondering about an article I've heard is going to be on the warrant for one of the town meetings for May 2012, which may affect the town manager's budget on the Town-side, not the school budget. I've searched on the Patch and here, but have not found any info.

It has something to do with having the TOWN, (not school budget) appropriate $500,000/year, to pay for five-day kindergarten. This is instead of the tuition charge for 5-day kindergarten, where 2.5 day option is already covered by the school budget.

I've heard that if this article passes, the manager will have to fit it into the town-side of the budget, therefore affecting the other town department budgets.

Anyone out there have any info to share?
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Re: Kindergarten Article on Warrant for May 2012?

Postby Mrs C on Mon Mar 12, 2012 5:35 pm

While I have not heard anything about this, I'll give you what I do know.

My understanding is they could not do it because it involves a grant w/contingencies. If your town agrees to do full time K, you get reimbursed for 3 years. After the 3 years are up, you must fund it yourself.

The catch? If you accept the grant, you cannot DROP full time K if you can't pay for it after the grant is done (not sure if there are fines and penalties involved, but I would guess there are). Period. So the town has been unwilling to take advantage of it because they know when the 3 years is up, they won't be able to afford it on their own.
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